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What 85 Years of Research Says about How to Improve the Hiring Interview

Reviews of this extensive research have shown that there are at least 15 ways of improving the interview. Seven ways influence the content of the interview by improving the quality and quantity of the information gained. Eight ways influence the evaluation process by improving the assessment of the information gathered.

Will You Know a Highly Motivated Candidate When You See One?

How do you define a successful hire? The outstanding performer whose past education and work experience match the job requirements perfectly?

Top Ten Candidate Sourcing Best Practices

So whether you’re searching your own proprietary databank, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Monster, your ATS/ CRM, or you’re Googling for candidate leads on the Internet – following and integrating these search best practices into your candidate sourcing routine can dramatically increase your ability to more quickly find more of the right people.

The Selection Interview: 25 Years of Training Managers

You are all familiar with the various rules of interviewing: use a structured interview based on job analysis, let the applicant/candidate do most of the talking, stay neutral in your questions and probes, avoid leading questions or comments, etc. 

Universal Truths of Recruiting and Staffing

In recruiting, as in life, there are absolutes. Unshakeable truths that simply aren’t negotiable. In our industry, they are the Universal Truths of Recruiting and those who learn them have a million-dollar advantage over those who doubt them.

Bad News and Recruiting

We are constantly bombarded with news about unemployment, looming inflation, and stock market crashes. Reflecting all that fear, your wedding ring is now probably worth as much your car. What does all the bad news really mean?

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