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We offer a suite of services to meet our clients’ business needs for a diverse talent pool to ensure success of their organizations. 
Retained Discreet Search

An exclusive search which is market driven based on research methodology where mutual parties are committed to deliver.

Selection Target Search

A committed search based on combination of various channels on the selection of potential candidates.


Placement Open Search

Primary data-bank search based on our internal resources on first come first serve basis. This is a non-discreet and non-exclusive search approach based on best effort basis.



Philibro & Hudson has a proven track record engaging in long term partnerships
we provide to our clients who are mostly top international and large local conglomerates. 

This is testimony to the level of service and commitment we provide our clients.

Advertising, Sales &

Brand Marketing

We are highly competent and experienced in fulfilling the following occupational focus:

Top Senior Management, Regional & Country


Career Consulting Service Malaysia

Banking, Finance & Accounting

Executive Recruitment Service Malaysia

Human Capital

Development & Resource Management

We have partnered our clients from various business sectors with our core expertise in the following domain industries:

Banking & Financial Services

(Including Insurance & Investment)

Property Development & Construction

(Covering Engineering & Building Materials)

Information & Communication Technology (Both Service Providers & Customer Users)

Commercial & Fast Moving Commercial Goods 

(In addition to Retail & Manufacturing)

Phillip & Hudson also offers professional career consulting service that helps one determine the best outcome of their choice of career.
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