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We are very committed in investing our expertise & time to develop definitive job specifications that will meet our clients’ human capital needs.   

A thorough understanding of our client’s organisation structure, performance, management style and corporate culture is critical to provide a holistic description of the type of person who will best fit the business.

Recruitment consultancy service like no other



As an experienced recruitment firm, Philibro & Hudson offers a personal and confidential professional service. We customise our consultation services to suit our clients’ needs. We believe in developing long term relationships with our clients. The recruitment consultancy service that we offer is dedicated to the highest standards of professional ethical practices and customer service


At Philibro & Hudson, we aim to be an effective partner to our clients. We have the expertise, skills and experience to explore the talent pools in each industry before streamlining and selecting the right potential candidates for our clients.


We strive to adopt the following approach in making a placement:

Career Consulting Service Malaysia | Recruitment

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